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Program commercial Prizoom - Inscription of the tradesmen on the comparator of free price Prizoom

Fast and easy inscription

You are guided throughout process of inscription. In some clicks you will have informed your co-ordinates and those of your commercial site. From this moment it will be asked to you to inform us about the mode of transfer of your file of product. You will be assisted during all this part.

Setting in hot line of your products

From the moment or your file of product was sent to Prizoom your products will be present on the comparator of price. The Net surfers will be able then to consult the details of your products and to carry out the desired purchases.

Completely free

The inscription of the tradesmen on the Prizoom comparator is completely free. In a few minutes your products can be on the comparator without you paying.

If you have already a commercial account Prizoom.Open a session

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